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Evil Exes of Tony Stark: Tiberius Stone

Being a summary of the (as far as I know) first arc he appeared in.
Scans are from 2001 vol. 3, #37-#40 titled Remote Control (hopefully got that right). Those who follow my tumblr account will have seen the first three ages ago, but the rest are new. Not mine though, I just clipped and made stupid commentary.

Preview: Lookit it's bby Tony and Ty

So, Tony is testing his new teleporting device... on himself in a forest, as you do, when he gets a call from Pepper that his old school friend Tiberius Stone has turned up, bought up a bunch of media companies, and has invited Tony to a party.

Cue a walk down memory lane:
Tony's inner monologue: "Well, some things newer change, I guess. Here we are again, Ty and me, #1 and #2, just like old times"




Aww, precious boyish UST. Tony's call from Pepper is interrupted by him being attacked by some mysterious robots, a day like any other.

Meanwhile, Pepper and Happy have gotten back together, and are talking about how they need to concentrate on their marriage. While Tony is a dear friend, working for him tends to make things like that... difficult (see: robot/other villain attacks and other drama). Pepper is worried how Tony will take that, to which Happy:

"Are you kiddin' me? He just made #2 on the Fortune 500 list! You think he's gonna miss a couple of pugs like us? Naaw, now's the perfect time."

Oh Happy. 1. WRONG 2. Way to jinx it. :'3

So, Tony fights robots, Tony goes to Ty's party, we get more proof Howard Stark was a supervillain... or just that Sebastian Shaw is a creepster, idk.
Shaw: "Creepity creep."
Tony: "Ew go away D:"


And he's not the only supervillain at the party either, and Rumiko is talking to another.


Rumiko and Tony are having problems because being Iron Man kept him from visiting her in the hospital and she doesn't know that, etc. So she's not overly pleased with his "grrr" act either. So she breaks up with him and walks away... but right after, Tiberius Stone appears!


So, Tony calls him Ceasar and he calls Tony Mark Antony, and then asks his advice/consultation on purchasing this company owned by Trevor Donahue, who Tony knows to be of dubious character. Tony snaps up the chance to investigate Donahue, in the guise of negoating a deal between him and Ty.

Ty introduces his Inception... I mean Dreamvision machine, which is some sort of dream virtual reality thing. Where you can be in your favourite tv-programs! Whee.
Very tanned!Tony is impressed.


Alas, as he goes to make up with Rumiko, he finds her in bed with Ty. *le gasp!*
Ty claims he had no idea Rumiko and Tony were together, while Rumiko says they're not together after she said so at the party so Tony can't complain. Fair enough. However.


Benefit of the doubt, seriously? Well then.


Yup, definitely looking sorry there.

Moving on, Tony goes to meet Donahue, finds that he has some armours on display that look exactly like the ones that attacked him earlier, blah blah.
Afterwards, Ty's news stations start running a big story about Iron Man killing Mark Scarliotti alias. Whiplash, which considering the Sentient Armour did, is uncomfortably close to the truth. Also Pepper mentions Ty tried to hit on her at some point in the past... ick.

Oh, and did I mention Whiplash was allegedly working for Donahue when he died? And Tony was conveniently filmed exiting Donahues's place... by people basically working for Ty.

Tony thinks Ty might have set him up, so he calls him, and Ty feeds him a bunch of BS about it being NEWS and how he can't not proadcast just because they're friends etc. and how he got the info from security cameras idek.

Ty: "No I didn't o3o"
Tony: "Oh. Ok, sorry :'3"

Oh Tony...

The following campaign dredges up everything unpleasant from Tony's past once more, and there's nothing he can do about it. Also, his consulting firm (since he has lost the company at this point) is losing work due to the scandal. He almost has a drink, it gets that bad.

Anyway, at that point Ty is supposedly taken hostage by Radioactive Man, and Iron Man flies to the rescue. Tony fights R.M. he explodes, some people get killed... oh, and then Steve defends him on tv.

Tony goes to meet Donahue, who claims Ty has set them up against each other. Donahue was a friend of Ty's dad, whose company couldn't compete with Howard Stark's and was failing. Donahue thinks that Tiberius' father committed suicide due to this, and that's why Ty hates Tony. Donahue is telling all this to Tony because he is dying himself, of something he suspects Tiberius gave him.

Before going to hash things out with Ty, Tony tells Happy and Pepper that he's releasing their contracts so they don't become more involved in the mess he's in.


Tony confronts Ty, and gets an explanation:
Of sorts. Even? I thought his dad's company was near bankcruptcy?!

Ty sticks Tony into Dreamvision (after stripping both of them for... some reason), and takes him through a bunch of scenarios pulled from movies or Tony's history. Some of the more... interesting ones (warning, if Dumbo is an essential part of your childhood, might not want to see the pink elephant thing, it's kind of... wrong. Or I've seen too much tentacle porn.):



I did warn you

The final one taking them to a gladiator arena. Hmm, v. heterosexual, and so are the poses in the second panel, especially metaphorically...
Luckily, Tony uses WILLPOWER and it is super effective, so he gets out of Dreamvision.


Ty is a bit fried in the process, which lands him in a wheelchair. Alas he still owns a bunch of media companies, so.


So he gets away scot free, has public opinion on his side, and gets Rumiko, even.
He also left some sort of inception suggestions in Tony's head that had him do a Clark Kent thing where he assumed the name Hogan Potts (pffft) and worked as tech support in some random company. IDK, the art gets so horrid after this arc it's hard to even concentrate on what is happening due to bleeding from the eyes.

Also, I think Ty came back at some point, but haven't come across that arc yet, if he does.

Anyone who stuck this far, cheers. :'D


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22nd Feb, 2012 18:42 (UTC)
Thank you for this.

Can I ask for issue numbers, so I know to look out for them?
22nd Feb, 2012 19:24 (UTC)
Ah, sure. I was a bit confused with some info online that didn't coincide with the numbers on the covers (also not used to reading those anyway) but now I think I've figured out that this arc is from to #37-#40 and it's titled Remote Control. I'd best add that to the post as well...

(also, I think the next/other one Ty appears in is Sympathy for the Devil #56-#58, but I've yet to read it myself.
22nd Feb, 2012 19:05 (UTC)

I would love if you'd make a hundred of these! (and oh god, I am SO not a fan of the art of this one! I think I was spoiled by the graphic novels. The comics just look like shit in comparison.)

Anyhoo, there are SO MANY plots and arc and AU's and stuff, that it's really hard to follow along. If anyone was willing to do some Readers Digest versions, like this one (with funny slashy commentary, of course!!) I'd definitely be along for the ride!
22nd Feb, 2012 19:51 (UTC)
Well, it's a bit relative. This art is a bit uneven and Tony is drawn a bit bulkier than I'd personally prefer (not to mention his haircut in the back), but on the other hand the artist draws hair and eyes and faces quite nicely in a lot of panels. And less nicely in others, but getting to squee every now and again makes up for it. The anatomy, as far as I can tell, is mostly ok as well. On the other hand, with the next artist we get this:


And has Tony suddenly turned into a dinosaur, wut?
Photobucket Photobucket

So you see, I wept for the previous artist to return. I'D Or ANYONE else. Actually, when they finally did change the artist, the next one was really lovely. I think I have to post some clips from then another time.

Edited at 2012-02-22 20:00 (UTC)
22nd Feb, 2012 21:37 (UTC)
ok that's scary to look at....
22nd Feb, 2012 22:36 (UTC)
Isn't it though? What makes it kind of extra annoying here is that the inking and colouring are still solid, and they're TOTALLY WASTED on the art. :'U
23rd Feb, 2012 11:31 (UTC)
Butting in to chime in that I totally agree about the horrifying nature of some of the random panels are, and the ginormity of everyone's hands, but that aside, the way this artist draws Tony's face and expressions are possibly among my top 10 Tonies in comics.

And a little OT but is it just me, or does Extremis' Tony look very... bland and generic? He's certainly more than handsome enough, but I just can't see him as very Tony looking, for some reason. :/

Also, I have an entirely inappropriate attachment to Tony's various unfortunate haircuts over the years. I wonder what he did to piss of Rae, this time around, eh? ;)
23rd Feb, 2012 14:07 (UTC)
You mean Keron Grant? IDK, maybe I overstated, it's not necessarily bad as much as just not to my taste. :') I mean, I don't mind a stylised way of portraying people, in fact I almost prefer that in comics over really realistic portrayal (more about that later re. Extremis), but if the style in question just doesn't work for me, it doesn't.

In the case of grant, if I keep looking at the art I can find elements of it that are good, like the compositions of panels and poses of characters which tend to be quite dynamic and interesting. Possibly in some cases a bit too dynamic, because combined with how relatively two-dimensional it is ( that's admittedly in part due to colouring) it can make hard to see what is actually going on. But like I said, it's always in some part a matter of taste, especially with stylised art.

Ahaha, sorry if I overdid the art analysis, I've perhaps been writing my thesis too much... anyway, about Extremis. I read that a while ago, and I didn't really have a problem with Tony in particular. It's more there was something subtly offputting about the art in general (ymmw).

It was still gorgeous, but I just didn't squee over it like I do over some stories, and I'm not sure if that was even entirely the art's fault (uncanny valley effect, possibly?) or if it was in fact something to do with the story. I do know that because the art was so realistic, the gore was kind of squicky.
The bottom line being that while I don't dislike Extremis arc I probably won't ever buy it. :')

Heh, indeed. And apparently it happened while she was cutting the back part, because the hair looks fine on the front? x3
24th Feb, 2012 01:54 (UTC)
Ack no! Talking about Alitha Martinez in this arc here, sorry! Keron Grant... is well, haha, no, not that at all. ;) AFAIK, this was Martinez's only stint in IM and one of her few works for Marvel, so the fact that I love her portrayal of Tony so very much is quite disappointing, really :/

In fact, um you have literally picked the words from my mind re both stylistic vs. realistic portrayals in comics and Extremis. I-I don't think that has ever happened to me before. (Let me love you, please?! ♥_♥)

With Extremis 'Uncanny Valley' is exactly what my mileage is there! Like the art is really competent and the coloring is gorgeous. I love all the setting and the armor and everything and personally I don't even have so much of a gore quick (as long as body parts aren't flying around, I'll be more or less okay). But when it comes to the people and their faces and expressions- there seems to be something slightly off to my mind.

My preference for stylistic portrayals largely seems to stem from the fact that I have yet to see sequential story-telling with realistic art that doesn't trigger my Uncanny Valley detector. I think it would be fired up even in a sequential comic told through actual photographs (ie. like movie stills, not stylized photo arrangements) because, to me, there's something inherently dynamic about most expressions, especially when talking. So any open-mouthed, in-the-middle-of-an-expression photograph is just going to look bizarre and 'fake' to me, personally. =_=

Lol, the hair looks like a 'stylistic rendition' of the standard short-back-n-sides haircut to me. It makes me think of Tony being Rae's unwitting model (and pawn!) in her devious attempts to introduce revolutionary! hairstyles! to NY society or something. *^*
25th Feb, 2012 14:04 (UTC)
I thought you might be, but... well, with my powers of AN ART STUDENT I can find something good in almost any art. o3o! Even if sometimes it's not so easy. xD

Definitely agree about Alitha Martinez though, her expressions and other things that work definitely make up for the weaknesses in the art. For instance, those chase scenes interspersed in the arc are actually pretty cool, and I think it's mostly because Tony looks so dashind running from gunmen in a dark suit. =3=

"--there's something inherently dynamic about most expressions, especially when talking. So any open-mouthed, in-the-middle-of-an-expression photograph is just going to look bizarre and 'fake' to me."

Oh. THIS. I was going to add something about the extreme expressions in Extremis but it was a while since I read it, and I couldn't quite say even at the time what it was that bothered me about them, but I think you might have hit on it. :D

*googles the hairstyle* Oh, it does indeed. Haha, suddenly I almost want to draw Tony in even more revolutionary hairstyles than seen in canon. Only a bit tricky finding ones we haven't seen before... fauxhawk? Or half of it really short and the other half longer. Or anything with... ah, purple highlights (or another colour that would look ok in dark hair, don't have much experience in that). x3
22nd Feb, 2012 23:20 (UTC)
Thanks for this. I've been trying to find this arc, but there's such a dearth of good information. Great job
23rd Feb, 2012 02:14 (UTC)
Yeah... this page for example doesn't seem to mention this arc at all? Which confused me when I tried to work out which titles it actually happens in (especially since I don't actually have physical copies at hand. :').

Edited at 2012-02-23 02:14 (UTC)
23rd Feb, 2012 06:05 (UTC)
Thanks for sharing!
23rd Feb, 2012 13:35 (UTC)
No problem. ^__^
23rd Feb, 2012 11:21 (UTC)
Oh, Ty! <3 Haha, you know Volume 3 Iron Man is quite possibly my favorite volumes, and Tiberius Stone certainly plays a very large part in that fascination! I love that 'childhood flashback' scene in particular, I have spent hours thinking about its implications for Tony's childhood and young adulthood (but lol, who wants to hear that?! :P)

But seriously, Ty is one character I literally cannot see the point of, if we don't assume feelings or a sexual and romantic nature between them! I see you haven't read Ty's second appearance yet. Oh well, you are in for an experience which make the above arc look really subtle. It's amazing. ;)

Also yay! Happy/Pepper! I adore the hell out of Volume 3 Happy/Pepper, they're just plain awesome. I wish there we saw more of that characterization in fic, but oh well. Lol, but the toll of being Marvel characters in a relationship is hard. If I remember correctly, their stint of walking away from Tony, back in Volume 1, didn't do them a lot of good either. And well, we all know how getting closer to Tony than ever in Volume 4, ended. D: The one thing I was really hoping for, with Pepper being a hero herself, was for someone to use this opportunity for angst to bring Happy back to life too. Oh well, maybe in a decade or so. :=

Looking forward to when/if you plan to do more of this! :D
23rd Feb, 2012 14:16 (UTC)
"--who wants to hear that?" I do! If you have the time and inclination to write it out, obviously. :3

Oh my. Heh, the scans I have are a bit in disorder, but I think I stumbled on that arc while trying to work out the numbers for this one, so... perhaps soon. :D

Happy and Pepper are so awesome, both as friends of Tony and together. When written right anyway, I've heard some pretty scary things from Fraction's run... >_>

"--the toll of being Marvel characters in a relationship is hard" Indeed. I mean, sometime after this point Pepper is attacked by someone trying to force Tony to kill them... long story, but the gist is she was expecting a baby, hadn't told Happy and then doesn't tell him afterwards, which all makes thing very... strained. WHY CAN'T WE JUST HAVE SOME GOOD THINGS SOMETIME?! :U
And now, of course, Happy is dead and everyone seems to have forgotten he ever existed. ; _ ;
24th Feb, 2012 02:10 (UTC)
*rubs hands gleefully* Yay! But my thoughts on that topic are long, so imma take a raincheck right now and talk to you about that in a little bit.

Fraction's run... is the bane of my life. I am happy to say after a few consecutive months of getting blisteringly angry and upset at my poor innocent computer screen every Xth Thursday, I have successfully quit that bad habit and am happily unaware of anything that goes on in that shithole of a non-existent title. To say it's really really bad, would be an understatement unfortunately. T_T

Yeah I... love is not quite the word, because omg the sadness and bad things happening, but I really enjoyed the whole storyline on a gut level. Like the woman who attacks Pepper, Ayesha, I loved her first appearance (she and her daughter had some of the sweetest interactions with Tony) so seeing her twisted that much was heart-breaking enough, but then that ends up happening to Pepper. And the whole baby thing turned up at the root of so many of the arcs that came after it. Heh, TBH, the whole larger arc for the three of them, makes me kind of really ship Happy/Tony/Pepper during this time period. I just wanted them all to be happy and always be together, but then Happy... Why can't I have the nice things? ;_;

Hopefully the next writer will remember him. Someone could always bring him back to torture Pepper and Tony! OR hey, we haven't actually seen a funeral, have we? So he could always have been ~secretly alive~ but captured by nefarious forces. And then Tony, Rhodey and Pepper put on their armors and kick ass to rescue him. Yes. *nods firmly*
25th Feb, 2012 14:59 (UTC)
Works for me. :3

I'm just... going to ignore it exists. Not My Canon. Which, admittedly, makes it a bit awkward to consider writing fic in comics verse. :'3

Yeah, I have to admit those three are pinging my OTP3 radar, especially during that arc. On the other hand they also make lovely friends, and it conflicts with certain other OTP so... mostly, I think I want to see Pepper and Happy with kids (adopted or otherwise) and Tony as the uncle who spoils them rotten. Becayse it would be the cutest.

But how to get around the whole Tony shutting down the life support? Unless somehow that wasn't actually Happy. =3= *ponders* Also, this reminds me of a request at one kink meme I saw ages ago. Can't recall the details, but some people joined together to save Happy from... Hades or some such? Or we could indeed go the route of a villain bringing him back for nefarious reasons or some such, or an AU where Tony pulls out the vita cobalt rays... no wait. That's going into too silly waters isn't it? x3

Returning to the villain scenario, I wonder if any of them would realize Happy was important enough to Tony to be useful against him...

23rd Feb, 2012 13:51 (UTC)
I really like this guy's art. It's one of my favorites.
25th Feb, 2012 14:06 (UTC)
I'm quite fond of Alitha Martinez' art as well. It's not perfect, but when it's good it's quite squeefull. :D
23rd Feb, 2012 22:52 (UTC)
Hee! I liked this.

(And those pink elephants look v much like the start of some tentacle porn now that I think of it....)
25th Feb, 2012 14:07 (UTC)
Thanks. :D

(Don't they though? I was quite dismayed when I realized that on going through the story again for summaririzing it. I'D)
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