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stalkerbunny's Journal

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This just in:
I now have a separate journal for fanworks, bunnyfication. Will continue to link everything here though. ^__^

Once upon a time, there was a little Finnish girl, who loved to read books (fantasy esp.) and daydream by herself of further adventures in those worlds.
Then, she found out about a thing called fanfiction.
And it was SHINY.

Sometime later she also discorevered manga and anime. Rest is...well.

After that I lurked for many years, before daring to step up onto the stage that is teh internets.
Thus I've found my current home here on lj. Mostly I've drawn stuff for the Saiyuki fandom, and lately for Jeeves&Wooster as well. And even more lately Hetalia has been taking over...(also Star Trek, and Good Omens again and...

um, I occasionally read/follow a LOT of fandoms, don't think all of it is even on my interests ^_^;)

Other things that make me happy
-new friends (in other words, if you want to friend me, go ahead :D)
-music (nice lyrics a must)
-shiny things

Like mythology, and history, and fleamarkets and libraries and... *walks away still rambling

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